2000 The pair come across each other through earshot. Colin’s passing through the corridor leading to their college gymnasium as he hears Misto playing Oasis tunes on his acoustic guitar in the locker room. The wheels are set in motion.
2001/2011 Off and on, the two play gigs and studio sessions together. Nothing much comes of it, but their friendship is forged and their artistic partnership bred.
2011/2012 On Misto’s suggestion, the two pick Genoese producer Berna for what will become their maiden full-length album, Imaginary Monologues, released by St Andrews’ Records, in 2012. The band, initially names Colin Clegg & The Pottos, perform a few gigs in Northwest Italy.
2014 After a two year stint in Southeast Asia, Colin return to Europe and a full band is pieced together. Intense gigging ensues, and the foundations are laid for a roller-coaster year to come. Dado joins on bass and Ghioane on drums as permanent members.
2015 The year that catapults The Pottos to the next level. An EP, Borrowed Flags Part I – The Cottesloe Songbook is released in March, in conjunction with their first live record Elsewhere – Live @ Hop Altrove. The boys tour Scotland a bit, and then the incredible happens: Joe Foster, co-founder of legendary label Creation Records, hand-picks and produces 4 previously released tunes (A Life in Black and White, Sugar Makes You Happy Now, One of Many Imaginary Monologues, Your Room) that become the core of their subsequent release, White Label Kafka EP, published in November ahead of more gigs in the UK and the events known as Creation Sessions, Italy, during which Joe recounts the glory years before The Pottos’ performances.
2016 Colin moves back to Asia for work, but The Pottos’ activity does not end there… It’s all still happening… Great news soon!!!